Educational  Activities

Lesson 1: Introduction and Whale Wall (Carousel Brainstoriming, KWL Chart and Whale Wall) - Students will be working in teams exploring the website, discussing prior knowledge, and creating a list of learning goals. The Whale Wall will be an area in the classroom where students add vocabulary and images representing what was learned throughout the week.

Lesson 2: Adaptations (Size Lab and Creatures of the Deep) - Student will study marine mammal adapatations through a lab based on thermoregulation and energy conservation. Students will further investigate animal adaptations by creating an ocean creature in their journal and sharing it with the class.

Lesson 3: Students Become Applied Research Scientists (Research and Observation) - Students will observe and record the teacher and classmates’ behavior in order to experience the fundamentals of field research. They will take on the role of an active observer and record data in their journal.

Lesson 4: Whale Communication (Full of Hot Air, Pod-Squad, Pop-Up! and Telegraph) - Students discover the diversity of communication strategies among the whale species through a variety of sensory challenges. They will compare the behaviors and size ranges of species and also explore human impacts on whales.

Lesson 5: Echolocation and Web of Life (Dolphin-Fish and Web of Life) - Students experience a sixth sense with an echolocation activity in order to hunt for food. They also learn about the complexity of food webs and human impact on ecosystems.

Lesson 6: What Can We Do? (Eco-Scavenger Hunt) - The conclusion activity guides students through a course of action in conservation. They will make a personal commitment to behavior changes for one week and create a research question for the future.

Student Journal - The Student Journal includes the data sheets for all activities as well as areas for notes, reflection, and sketching.

Journal Scoring Rubric - The Rubric is a guide for teachers to grade the work recorded in the students’ journals.

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Lessons 3 through 6 were adapted from the Pacific Life WHALE Education Cirriculum Guide Originally developed by the Ocean Alliance.